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A Healing Journey

An overall improvement of health and life for infants, children, and adults.

Touching the Surface

In Stillness, Our Bodies Have An Innate Ability to Heal

What Is CranioSacral Therapy?

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a light touch approach to body work that releases tensions deep within that can alleviate pain and improve overall health and well-being.


Working within the cerebral spinal fluid which surrounds the brain and spinal column, the therapist helps to facilitate ease in tensions or strain patterns thus allowing the central nervous system to perform at its best.

What Is CranioSacral?

Along with Many Other Conditions

CranioSacral Therapy Can Assist With


Tongue/Lip Ties


Stress & Tension



Back Pain-01.png
Birth Trauma-01.png


Chronic Neck & Back Pain

Birth Trauma




What to Expect

Relax on a Cozy Table

In a quiet, private setting the Therapist listens with hands on body to locate areas with weakened fluid flow or limited tissue motion.

Extremely light touch/delicate techniques are used to assist or facilitate the body in integrating or releasing areas to improve

function and liveliness of the central nervous system. 

Generally, deeply relaxing, you may experience feelings of gentle pulsing and heat around areas where the therapist works.

Sessions are performed fully clothed.

Many select comfortable clothing for the session. 

Sessions & Pricing
Rock in Sand


What People Say

Don Simon | Marietta, GA

I had craniosacral work done years ago by several practitioners. I must say I have found Leah Mahadeo's
craniosacral treatments to be more effective.


I found her after a diligent search.  I was having
fairly constant headaches and nothing I was trying helped much; Tylenol, massage, yoga etc.


After just one session with Leah I rarely had headaches for months. Over the past several years,

she has done more healing sessions to help me,

and each time I notice generally feeling better and rarely have headaches after her treatment.


Leah is always prompt, professional and cheerful. 

Catherine R. | Marietta, GA

Leah Mahadeo changed my life. After years of injuries and concussions from my job working with horses, I was hurting, exhausted, depressed and becoming increasingly disenchanted with chiropractic. It just wasn't helping anymore. After experiencing a panic attack during a chiro session - I was done and began looking for another solution.

A dear friend referred me to Leah and I've been enjoying Leah's work every since.

She has facilitated amazing healing experiences that I look forward tremendously.


Through my pregnancy, Leah helped me gain deep relaxation and equipped me

with a feeling of calm so I was fully prepared for a beautiful and natural birth. 

I'm so grateful to have Leah in my life.

Laura & Emma R.

We cannot speak highly enough about Leah! I came to her in desperation with our sweet baby girl who was having a really hard time. Within just a few sessions, we could physically see positive changes in her, with more sleeping and even some smiles! Leah’s unique skill set and her calming presence were instrumental in helping our little one recover. I only wish we had gotten in to see her sooner in our healing journey! Highly recommend!

Laura M., Psychotherapist

Working with Leah is like coming home to myself in profound, new, unexpected ways.  The healing that happens feels deep. The best part is that it feels like it's strengthening my own natural healing capacity.  Leah is gentle, intuitive but grounded and just plain kind.  I consider myself so very fortunate to have encountered this healing modality and Leah's healing hands.


About Leah Mahadeo


Leah is a technique certified CranioSacral practitioner who holds a Masters in Speech Language Pathology and many certifications. She began studying CranioSacral therapy in 2001 in Miami. Her classes through the Upledger Institute include pediatrics, craniosacral therapy for conception, pregnancy and birthing, SomatoEmotional release, working with chronic depletion and unwinding meridians. 


She enjoys treating infants with tethered oral tissues (TOTS), children and adults. Leah has specific interests in autism, feeding/swallowing disorders, neurological issues, stuttering and trauma. 


She specialized in pediatrics for the majority of her career and has experience in various work environments such as the traumatic brain injury unit in a rehabilitation center, medically fragile pediatric center, center-based therapy with birth-three, school therapy from preschool through high school levels, and private practice.

As she focused on personal growth in her life, curiosity led her to expand her knowledge of health and wellness.



  • Technique certified through the Upledger Institute

  • Member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

  • Licensed SLP in the state of GA

  • Beckman Oral Motor Certification

  • TOTS training(tethered oral tissues)

  • Wrote case study in “An Answer to Your Pain”

  • Qualified to teaching assist for:  CranioSacral I and II as well as Unwinding Meridians

  • Master of Science in Communication Disorders

  • Certificate of Clinical Competence through American Speech-Language and Hearing Association

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